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Discrete Monitoring

  • To watch over an aging individual, a Virtual Caregiver will work with you to determine where cameras should be placed in the home.
  • Typically, a small home will require four cameras.
  • OneKey's installation team offers free white glove installation. OneKey takes pride in a clean installation and seeks to avoid any wires running through the home.
  • The cameras are connected to OneKey via a secure cellular connection, meaning no Wi-Fi is required. OneKey operates over secure cellular connections. By utilizing the five major cellular networks, OneKey ensures privacy, security, and limits service interruptions
  • Privacy and security are always top of mind for OneKey.
  • Installation typically takes 90 minutes for our trained professionals, depending on how many cameras and routers your home requires.
  • We will schedule installation at a time that is most convenient for you.

Wellness Checks

  • Virtual Caregivers are professionals who monitor the real-time activity of aging individuals.
  • Virtual Caregivers monitor your loved one remotely, never intruding upon your loved one’s personal space but always caring for their safety, responding to any crises, and reporting on activities to better assess long-term care needs.
  • Virtual Caregivers work exclusively from OneKey's secure Care & Monitoring Center in Stow, Ohio. All Virtual Caregivers are background checked and work with direct, on-site manager oversight.
  • Virtual Caregivers conduct virtual check-ins, every 30 minutes, to determine your loved one’s needs. Our team reports and monitors daily activities to better identify long-term care requirements.

Care Dispatch

  • OneKey will work with you to determine in which situations a Virtual Caregiver should take action. When necessary, our team will contact emergency services, in-person caregivers, and the closest family members to support your loved one. Whether because of a safety concern, a security issue, or a fall, OneKey works with you to create an appropriate and completely customizable action plan.

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