Affordable Peace of Mind.

OneKey Virtual Care bridges the gap between your loved one living independently and needing in-home assistance, while providing effective insights to improve care.

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A Cost-Effective Solution

OneKey Virtual Care is the affordable option, at $8 an hour.

Can’t afford 24/7 care?  OneKey provides you the affordable option that can supplement your needs.

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Empowering Insights

OneKey Virtual Care provides smart information you can take to your physician to improve the medical care and caregiving your loved one receives.

OneKey records activities including time spent sleeping, awake, and ambulating while tracking bathroom visits, meals consumed, and overall behavior patterns.

“OneKey gives patients and families unparalleled access to information that directly and immediately impacts care. As a palliative care physician, I can review the report to identify shifts in behavior to address patient needs and respond accordingly.”
Kaitlyn M Sheppard, MD
Kaitlyn Sheppard, MD
Mount Carmel Hospice & Palliative Medicine
An example report produced by OneKey Virtual Care

How it works

OneKey is an affordable reporting and monitoring platform that dispatches care when it’s needed.

Discrete monitoring

Motion-triggered cameras monitor activity during your specified hours. No Wi-Fi needed!

To watch over an aging individual, a Virtual Care expert will work with you to determine where cameras should be placed in the home.

Typically, a small home will require four cameras.

OneKey's installation team offers  free white glove installation. OneKey takes pride in a clean installation and seeks to avoid any wires running through the home.

The cameras are connected to OneKey via a secure cellular connection, meaning no Wi-Fi is required.

Privacy and security are always top of mind for OneKey.

Wellness checks

Virtual Caregivers conduct visual wellness checks via video to determine the person’s needs.

Virtual Caregivers are professionals who monitor the real-time activity of aging individuals.

Virtual Caregivers monitor your loved one remotely, never intruding upon your loved one’s personal space but always caring for their safety, responding to any crises, and reporting on activities to better assess long-term care needs.

Virtual Caregivers work exclusively from OneKey's secure Care & Monitoring Center in Stow, Ohio. All Virtual Caregivers are background checked and work with direct, on-site manager oversight.

House blueprints showing four cameras covering all living space

Care dispatch

When needed, OneKey contacts caregivers, emergency services, and more to support your loved one.

OneKey will work with you to determine the situations in which a Virtual Caregiver should take action.

Generally, this will involve any threat to life and wellbeing but can include a personalized care plan. For example, maybe a loved one with Dementia should not be outside, alone, after dark.

As OneKey's cameras detect motion, Virtual Caregivers will assess the situation and, if needed, contact care. Contacts could include:

  • A family member or neighbor
  • Emergency services
  • A caregiver
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Age gracefully

OneKey Virtual Care adapts for homes and facilities of all sizes. OneKey is compatible with multiple residents, pets, of all size, relatives, and caregivers.

OneKey is a secure system that does not rely on Wi-Fi. The system operates using secure, private cellular connections.

OneKey offers a free in-home assessment, white glove installation, and priority support.


Get started with virtual home care

OneKey Virtual Care experts are ready to help you learn about helping your loved one safely age in place, wherever they call home.

Contact OneKey today for a free in-home consultation:

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