I can't think of a better service to offer patients and their families. OneKey Virtual care is the affordable, accessible innovation we need to reduce the emotional and financial stresses of caregiving and ensure patient safety. OneKey also monitors important clinical information such as sleeping and eating habits that can help providers provide better care.
Charlotte Grinberg, MD
Hospice and Palliative Care Doctor
My mother suffers from dementia and had a fall at home. After a short stay in the hospital and a rehab facility, it was time to bring her home. OneKey Virtual Care was the right answer at the right time for my family to give us some peace of mind. The consultation and installation were seamless. They were vigilant and kept us informed of any and every safety issue that arose no matter what time of day or night. My mother's increased dementia eventually forced us to place her in a memory care unit. The charts provided by OneKey were insightful and made that decision easier knowing we were doing the right thing by keeping her healthier and safer. Thank you OneKey Virtual Care for being there, when we couldn't
The Jacobs Family
OneKey Customer
At the end of the day, OneKey Virtual Care saved us money, kept my mother out of a facility, gave us more options and flexibility in her care, and gave the doctors the data they needed to better manage her care. We have been able to flip between the check-ins and the monitoring service as my mother's care team learns which medications and care plans work best for her. OneKey provides great communication, thorough reports and consistent updates on my mother's well-being and their system has never gone down. Overall, I have confidence in the system and in the people monitoring it. I have been impressed with OneKey Virtual Care and the family behind it; it's been nice to have a close-knit family help my family.
Scott B.
OneKey Customer
OneKey Virtual Care has allowed our mother to live independently, with dignity, while giving us peace of mind, knowing she is being looked after. The reporting has allowed us to identify and address any challenges mom faces with medications, illness, and sleep. This is the solution we needed.
Richard K.
OneKey Customer
My uncle had fallen, and instead of us finding him hours later, OneKey contacted us immediately and he was helped within minutes. OneKey has brought us peace of mind and allowed us to enjoy time with my uncle again instead of worrying if he was okay.
Terry C.
OneKey Customer
OneKey gives patients and families unparalleled access to information that directly and immediately impacts care. As a palliative care physician, I can review the report to identify shifts in behavior to address patient needs and respond accordingly.
Kaitlyn Sheppard, MD
Associate Medical Director, Mount Carmel Hospice