How It Works


Discrete Cameras

We install small, noninteractive cameras in key areas throughout the home. We’re not Big Brother; we’re more like a guardian angel.

  • To watch over an aging individual, a Virtual Caregiver will work with you to determine where cameras should be placed in the home.
  • Typically, a small home will require four cameras.
  • The cameras are connected to OneKey via a secure cellular connection, meaning no Wi-Fi is required. By utilizing the five major cellular networks, OneKey ensures privacy, security, and limits service interruptions.
  • Privacy and security are always top priorities for OneKey.
  • Installation typically takes 90 minutes for our trained professionals, depending on how many cameras and routers your home requires.
  • We will schedule installation at a time that is most convenient for you.

Care Dispatch

  • OneKey will work with you to determine in which situations a Virtual Caregiver should take action.
  • In the event of a safety concern, a security issue, a fall or other concerning situation, Virtual Caregivers will contact the most appropriate option including:
    • Closest family member identified as the contact person.
    • In-Person caregiver if one exists.
    • And/Or Emergency services.
  • OneKey works with you to create an appropriate and completely customizable action plan.

Reporting Optimized

  • OneKey offers a holistic and compassionate approach to senior care, with a particular focus on our exceptional reporting capabilities.
  • Our advanced technology is constantly gathering real-time data, from activity levels to environmental conditions within the familiar surroundings of your loved ones home.
  • This meticulous data empowers our reporting capabilities as these reports can then serve as a powerful tool for your and your loved one’s healthcare team.
  • Our reports are not just numbers; they are a window into your loved one’s well-being.

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