The OneKey Difference

Reporting Optimized

  • Improving quality of care and quality of life is exceptionally important to OneKey’s team. This is why OneKey sends you behavioral information which is highly useful to healthcare providers.
  • You will receive regular reports on the activities OneKey records including time spent sleeping, awake and ambulating while also tracking bathroom visits, meals consumed and overall behavior patterns.
  • OneKey also reports information on emergencies and any time a OneKey virtual caregiver needs to reach the client’s designated care plan contact or emergency services.
  • You will receive a monitoring report every week.
  • OneKey offers reports via email. You can choose to whom the report is sent.
  • OneKey measures, compiles, and provides you with detailed information about your family member’s daily activities.
    • Through our system, we have been able to detect symptoms of urinary tract infections (UTIs) and medication adjustment needs after one night of virtual caregiving.
    • Through our system, we provide smart information which can be taken to a physician to improve the medical care your loved one receives.
  • For our monitoring service, we share a detailed report with the daily habits (such as sleeping, bathroom visits, and ambulating) that can be shared with physicians to identify possible infections, medication adjustment needs, and overall health changes. Through our reports, we have been able to identify symptoms of urinary tract infections before families or doctors.
  • For our check-in service, our virtual caregiver checks in on your loved one at set times during the day and records their location or enacts the care plan if they are not visible, have fallen, or may need assistance. The client receives a summary of activities weekly.

Professionally Trained Virtual Caregivers

  • Our team is made up of experts in home care, home medical equipment, healthcare information and technology.
  • “Never Miss a Shift. Never Miss a Minute.” This is our north star every day we are caring for your loved one. Our Virtual Care Team takes great pride in knowing that they watch over your loved one like they were their own family.

State-of-the-Art Technology

  • OneKey Virtual Care is able to service individuals without Wi-Fi in their homes and in areas with limited access to Wi-Fi. OneKey operates over secure cellular connections. By utilizing the five major cellular networks, OneKey ensures privacy, security, and limits service interruptions.
  • As a result, OneKey monitors all activity and cameras for you. OneKey keeps real-time data accessible only to OneKey’s professional virtual caregivers.
  • Currently, OneKey does not retain video clips for later use. OneKey keeps records of all activity, which you can request access to within 30 days.
  • We are constantly testing the technology and researching ways to advance our solution. We have developed partnerships with multiple hardware suppliers and have others in the wings to expand our development into Artificial Intelligence. We have custom-built all of the software and own the full rights to it. We have not built off any existing platforms.
  • Partnership w/Kajeet - Learn More

Cost Effective & Flexible Solutions

Our goal is to provide affordable peace-of-mind that bridges the gap between your loved one living independently and needing in-home assistance. With that in mind, we offer two convenient pricing models:

  • Our recurring model allows you to pay hourly rates, giving you the flexibility to choose the exact level of care your loved one needs. 
  • Our one-time fee model provides daily rates for those seeking a more structured approach.

With options starting as low as $6 a day, quality elderly care has never been more affordable. You can also change your service level easily, at anytime. Experience the difference with OneKey and ensure your loved ones receive the attention they deserve while maintaining their independence and safety at home.

HIPAA Compliant

  • OneKey Virtual Care is a HIPAA-friendly system. OneKey is going through the process to become certified HIPAA compliant and currently follows all best practices and protocols to keep patient information secure.

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