Sam’s Garage Door

This case study delves into a real-life scenario that exemplifies the benefits of OneKey’s motion-activated virtual care systems.

  • After a few weeks of monitoring Sam, Sam started to randomly open his garage door around 2 AM.
  • We contacted the family when Sam did this and created a plan for what to do when it inevitably happened again.
  • As a result, our virtual caregivers send a group text any time this happens so the family can remotely close it to prevent anyone from getting into Sam’s home in the middle of the night. Our virtual caregiver ensures the garage door is closed before going to regularly scheduled check-ins.

The Challenge

One of the clients faced a peculiar issue that demanded immediate attention. After a few weeks of continuous monitoring, it was observed that Sam had a habit of randomly opening his garage door around 2 AM. This situation raised significant concerns regarding his safety and security, as well as the possibility of someone gaining unauthorized access to his home during the late hours.

The Solution

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the Virtual Care Giving team swiftly sprang into action. The first step involved contacting Sam’s family to alert them about the unusual nighttime behavior. A collaborative approach was crucial to addressing the issue effectively. The team worked closely with the family to devise a comprehensive plan for handling such incidents when they inevitably recurred.

The Implementation

As a result of these deliberations, a practical and efficient solution was put in place. Virtual caregivers were equipped to take immediate action whenever Sam opened his garage door during the night. Whenever this occurred, the virtual caregivers promptly sent a group text message to Sam’s family, alerting them to the situation. This notification allowed the family to remotely close the garage door to prevent unauthorized access to Sam’s home in the middle of the night.

In addition to this proactive approach, the virtual caregiver assigned to Sam’s case ensured that the garage door was closed securely before proceeding with regularly scheduled check-ins. This double-checking mechanism ensured that Sam’s home remained safe and secure, even during the most vulnerable hours.

The Outcomes

This case study demonstrates the remarkable results achieved through the OneKey’s Virtual Care Giving system. The immediate response to Sam’s late-night garage door incidents not only enhanced his safety but also provided peace of mind to his concerned family members. The ability to remotely control and monitor the garage door was a crucial element of this success story.

Furthermore, the data generated by the motion-activated cameras played a pivotal role in identifying the issue and tracking its recurrence, showcasing the importance of data-driven insights in eldercare. Sam’s situation is just one example of how the system can adapt and respond to unique challenges faced by elderly individuals, promoting their independence while ensuring their safety.