Ingrid’s Fall Prevention

This case study highlights a real-life scenario where OneKey Virtual Care’s innovative approach played a crucial role in preventing a potential fall and providing peace of mind to both the elderly individual and their family.

  • After a few weeks of watching Ingrid, it was apparent she was becoming a fall risk as our virtual caregiver noted that she was having difficulty walking to and from the bathroom.
  • Our virtual caregiver spoke with the family on this and they arranged to have a friend stay with her to make sure she didn’t fall trying to get up during the night. We continued monitoring during this time and would call the friend while monitoring any time we noticed her attempting to lift herself from bed.
  • After her friend had gone to bed she attempted to get up. Our virtual caregiver noticed this and knew that the client was not strong enough to get up on her own, so he called the friend to wake her up. The friend rushed to her friend’s bedside and helped escort her to the bathroom. The friend was so thankful that we called because she had not heard her getting up.

Client Background

Ingrid, an elderly woman living alone, had been benefiting from the services provided by OneKey Virtual Care for several weeks. Our motion-activated cameras discreetly monitored her daily activities, ensuring her safety and allowing her to maintain her independence while receiving the care and attention she needed.

Identifying the Issue

After just a few weeks of continuous monitoring, our vigilant virtual caregiver noticed a concerning trend in Ingrid’s daily routine. It became apparent that Ingrid was gradually becoming a fall risk. Specifically, our virtual caregiver observed that she was having difficulty walking to and from the bathroom, a simple yet potentially hazardous task for an elderly individual.

Taking Action

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, our virtual caregiver promptly initiated contact with Ingrid’s family to address the issue. Together, they strategized and decided to arrange for a friend to stay with Ingrid during the night. This arrangement was intended to ensure that Ingrid wouldn’t attempt to get up unassisted, thereby reducing the risk of a fall.

Continued Monitoring and Intervention

OneKey Virtual Care continued to monitor Ingrid’s activities closely during this time, keeping a watchful eye on her well-being. Whenever the virtual caregiver detected any signs of Ingrid attempting to get up from her bed, the designated friend was immediately contacted. This collaborative approach between our virtual caregiver, the family, and the friend ensured that Ingrid was never left unattended when the need arose.

Preventing a Potential Fall

One fateful night, after her friend had retired to bed, Ingrid once again attempted to get up from her bed. Our virtual caregiver’s keen eye picked up on this critical moment and recognized that Ingrid was not strong enough to manage on her own. Acting swiftly, the virtual caregiver contacted the friend, promptly waking her from her slumber.

Ingrid’s friend rushed to her bedside, providing the crucial assistance needed to escort Ingrid safely to the bathroom. It was a defining moment that prevented a potential fall and the associated physical and emotional trauma.

The Gratitude of a Friend

Ingrid’s friend, grateful for the timely intervention, expressed her heartfelt appreciation for the OneKey Virtual Care service. She confessed that she had not heard Ingrid’s attempts to get up and was unaware of the imminent danger. The virtual caregiver’s alertness and quick thinking had not only prevented a fall but had also strengthened the bond of trust between Ingrid, her friend, and OneKey Virtual Care.


This case study exemplifies the critical role that OneKey Virtual Care plays in enhancing the quality of life and safety of elderly individuals living independently at home. By combining cutting-edge technology with dedicated virtual caregivers, we provide real-time support, proactively identify potential risks, and collaborate with family members and friends to ensure our clients’ well-being. Ingrid’s story is just one of many instances where our services have made a tangible difference in the lives of those we care for, underscoring our commitment to redefining elderly care through innovation and compassion.