Jarrett Dowey


Jarrett has vast experience in the marketing space, serving as a Director of Digital Marketing at Wolters Kluwer Health, working on product lines including Up-to-Date, and founding his own startup, AlphaOutpost, serving as CMO, all after his time serving in the United States Air Force. He takes all of his digital know-how to lead the marketing strategy at OKVC, working alongside his wife, Kristen.

Jarrett has lived all over the country and world, serving in Japan and South Korea, then moving to New Mexico, California, and later, Chicago to found his startup, a subscription box company targeted at veterans, AlphaOutpost. Jarrett also played on the USAF Softball team and traveled all over the world to compete.

In his role as CMO of AlphaOutpost, he successfully grew the company to $13M in revenues in year one and over 1,000 subscribers. At Wolters Kluwer Health, Jarrett has become a leader in digital experience to help global healthcare information reduce medical errors on a global level. He is an Ohio native and graduated from Kent State University.

Jarrett is passionate about Veterans causes, most professional sports, cooking, and woodworking. He spends time executing his and Kristen’s home renovation vision and taking their baby boy on all sorts of adventures, including visits to local art galleries and sporting events, and golfing with OKVC COO, Frankie.