Frankie Nervo


Frankie, the youngest member of the team, left a career in race car driving to dive head first into OKVC Operations, running the monitoring center and managing much of the day-to-day operations. After graduating high school, Frankie founded his own landscaping business to help fund his racing career. He has always been very mechanical in his thinking and would spend his nights and weekends working on his car and racing his Ford Sprint car, that would hit up to 140 MPH on the weekends, traveling all over the country to do so.

By day, Frankie managed multiple client accounts, commercial-grade lawn equipment, and all of the actual landscaping jobs. After several years of rigorous and laborious work, Frankie decided to switch gears and enter the startup life! When OKVC first launched, Frankie gave up his entire life working 7 nights a week from 7 PM to 7 AM to ensure patient safety for our first test clients. In his spare time, he still loves racing and helps his friends out with their cars when he’s not golfing with Jarrett, lifting weights, or thinking about ways to expand the monitoring center.