Duncan Walker


Duncan’s track record building fast-growing software platforms translates to incredible impact and excitement in the home care space. Duncan oversees OneKey’s product management and software development.

Duncan is uniquely experienced to help lead OneKey with both technical and non-technical skills, given previous experience as Co-founder of data platform Jebbit ($92.3 million raised), investor and mentor at SSC Venture Partners, and entrepreneur-in-residence at Boston College (top 10 undergraduate teaching university in the country), where Duncan also graduated from the same year as Kristen (though they did not know each other then!).

Duncan is committed to revitalizing the home care space, using technology to overcome the significant challenges faced by the market today. Duncan volunteers time as an open source author (over 6.5 million downloads of Duncan’s open source code). Duncan is an avid gamer and designer. Duncan tries his best to eat well, exercise, stay mindful, and maintain a lousy sense of humor.